National Examination Board for Supervisory Management:
Certificate Award

This programme is for front-line managers, or potential managers, who need to supervise and effectively manage staff as part of their job. The aim is to improve the knowledge and business skills of the candidate and develop his or her personal management potential to the maximum. Much of the content is work, rather than classroom based.

Course Delivery
This is by means of a combination of group workshops and Open Learning, with close individual support. This is an innovative approach which allows candidates and employers maximum flexibility in meeting course requirements. Groups meet every 2 or 3 weeks, and individuals also have access to one-to-one tutor support. Materials used are the excellent Super Series 3rd edition published by Pergamon Press with NEBS Management approval.

Course Structure

Within this structure there is a wide choice of units, such as: Managing Tough Times, Leading Change, Team Leading, Interviewing, Motivating People, Pay Systems, Control via Budgets, Communication, Project Preparation, Meetings, Ensuring Quality, Solving Problems and Marketing.

There is some opportunity for candidates to select Open Learning materials which are specific to their organisational priorities.

Course Objectives

Approximately 12 months study including a 2 day extended learning experience.

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